Vil du være med til at opbygge fremtidens bank i Norden?

Vi lever vores brand ved at have en kultur, der er gennemsyret af vores værdier - Simpel, personal and fair. De er nøglen til, hvordan vi bliver det oplagte valg for vores kunder og den bedste arbejdsplads for vores medarbejdere.

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Vil du være en af os?

Se vores ledige stillinger i Norden.

Retail Risk Analyst - Auto SME

With thousands of companies applying for auto financing a year, we need a lot of insight into the underlying credit risk – will you help us with that?

The job

We are looking for a Retail Risk Analyst to develop and maintain the credit risk management of our financial auto products for small and medium-sized enterprise clients (SMEs). Your main responsibility is on all credit risk related activities of Norwegian SME portfolio. Your work will take place in a Nordic environment, and you’ll work closely with colleagues in Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. The location of the position is in Lysaker (Oslo) and work permit is mandatory.

Your typical day might start by making recommendations related to risk, after which you could monitor market trends before lunch and participate in a virtual meeting with your Nordic colleagues in the afternoon. In other words, it is a role where you get a lot of different tasks.

As a Retail Risk Analyst, you will be responsible for developing and fine-tuning the credit risk strategy to ensure sound credit processes within our risk appetite. This includes continuous optimization of the credit decision-making process through data analysis and mining. You will evaluate new credit products including assessment of the profitability and risk of the products as well as the ongoing costs of servicing the products.

You will also prepare and disseminate portfolio performance, including forecasts of future trends. This is done through proactive monitoring, and it is expected that you can identify, address, and explain the reasons behind the credit risk and relation to the regulatory parameters (EAD, PD, LGD), capital impact (risk-weighted assets) and profitability (RORWA).

The ideal candidate has an eye for commercial opportunities real risk management provides. You should be able to keep track of your priorities and understand which task to take first. You should also be able to communicate equally with your colleagues across the Nordic region.

The team

Several of your colleagues are in other countries, and the team has a good spirit with great understanding of our differences and the mistakes we of course all make. When something burns, we're happy to override what we may have planned to help. In general, you need to be ready to roll up your sleeves, put the magnifying glass to your eye and find a solution. Don't sit with your hands folded and wait for the manager to tell you what to throw yourself at. And don't worry – we will ensure the necessary training.

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Data Governance and Quality Leader

Are you passionate about the quality of data? Eager to utilize our data to realize the untapped potential that lies within the regulatory requirements and within the business? Curious on how to standardize and simplify the processes for our ticket to play?

Are you the one that will lead our Data Governance and Quality office into the future? Combining the two areas of Data Governance and Quality gives us opportunities to support our business strategy, and at the same time ensuring we have full control of the values that our data represent. Does this sound like something you would like to do? You will be part of the CDO/Data Management team, sitting in the management team of the CDO, and playing a key role in our new Data Platform, ensuring we build for the future according to the regulatory requirements.

In this role, you are responsible for managing and coordinating the Data Governance and Quality Office team with the following tasks:

  • Support the Bank in fulfilling their Data Governance and Quality related responsibilities (Data Quality, Data Flow, Data Dictionary, DISA(Data Information Self-assessment), risk assessments, inventory, support privacy by design in projects, etc.)
  • Part of Building the Data Marketplace and with its Data Products
  • Perform Training & Awareness activities for Data Governance and Quality
  • Ensure the team is an active part of all projects to enable a sound Data Governance and Quality mindset from the startup phase to avoid late interventions causing unforeseen delays and increased costs
  • Continuously evolve the Bank level framework for Data Governance and Data Quality to adapt to the regulatory and markets changes
  • Facilitate the CDO forums (Data Governance and Quality Forum, Regulatory Consistency Forum
  • Raise relevant matters to T&O Committee for decisions, and report DQI and KRI to relevant committees frequently.
  • Monthly and quarterly DQI and KPI reporting to HQ DPO

Qualifications and experience:

  • University degree (Bachelor, Master) or similar, within relevant field (technology, business, law etc.)
  • Experience from working with GDPR or compliance/regulatory issues.
  • Experience with Data Governance processes, like DISA.
  • Management experience is an advantage, but not a requirement.


  • Strong communication, facilitation and change management skills.
  • Solid business and process understanding
  • Strong technological skills and insight
  • Understanding of risk management processes and controls
  • GDPR, BCBS 239 and another regulatory knowledge is an advantage.

Personal characteristics:

  • Great interest for and experience with Data Governance, Quality and Data Protection issues
  • Understanding of the of the Policy and framework governance in the bank and the control models
  • Excellent team player and communicator
  • Self-going and ability to handle large workload.
  • Highly collaborative & service-oriented mindset
  • Goal oriented and strategic
  • Ability to adapt and respond to changing environments quickly and proactively.
  • Business savvy

Are you interested?

If you have the right profile, will and enthusiasm, please send your application and CV via the link. You are welcome to contact Isabel Barroso-Gomez (, if you have any questions about the position.

The job is to be filled as soon as possible, so we therefore encourage you to send your application as soon as possible, no later than June 16th, 2024.

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Kundservicemedarbetare - Vikariat

Har du ett starkt intresse för kundrelationer och trivs med kundkontakt? Vill du arbeta i ett team som har gemensamma målsättningar och där vi möter framgångar och motgångar tillsammans?

I rollen som kundservicemedarbetare arbetar du med inkommande samtal och mejl från bankens både befintliga och potentiella kunder. Din arbetsuppgift är att hitta rätt lösning till kunden och du administrerar sedan ärendena i affärssystemet. Du ingår i ett team med en närvarande teamledare som motiverar dig och ger dig stöd i arbetet.


Som kundservicemedarbetare kommer du;

Via telefon ta emot samtal från både nya och befintliga kunder för frågor kring våra lån och krediter

Vid inkommande samtal erbjuda både nya och befintliga kunder tilläggstjänster och informera om hela bankens produktportfölj

För att trivas i rollen är du försäljnings- och resultatinriktad och du tycker om att supportera och hjälpa andra i ditt arbete. Du är självgående och har lätt för att driva ditt arbete framåt och gör det med hög kvalité. Då rollen innebär uteslutande både intern och extern kontakt är du social och har god kommunikativ förmåga. För att lyckas i rollen är du målinriktad och motiveras av att prestera högt.

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Internet Information Server Specialist

Would you like to work in a bank? Do you love technology? Are you dedicated to keeping the fascinating world of Internet Information Server performing at its best? Then read on.

We are now looking for an Internet Information Server Specialist in the IT infrastructure team. In this role you are responsible for operation and maintenance of our Microsoft Internet Information Server portfolio in Santander Consumer Bank Nordics.

Work tasks will include:

  • Map the MS IIS environments and obtain control of all running solutions
  • Document findings and overall environments including running assets
  • Make sure dependencies in platforms are documented
  • Make sure monitoring is in place on the application layer
  • Plan for upgrades and migrations on existing solutions
  • Standardize the platforms
  • Communicate with, and help developers, obtaining optimal setup of their solutions. Both in existing and future environments
  • Plan for lifting solutions to cloud environments and execute migration on assets when they are ready and mature

You must be eager to learn new things, stay up to date and uphold best practices in your area. You also need to provide design input and analyze weaknesses, as well as continuously recommend improvements.

Qualifications and experience:

  • 3 to 5 years IT experience within banking or other strongly secured infrastructures
  • 1+ years working with cloud technology
  • Bachelor’s degree in technology or IT or experience from IT operations and/or infrastructure that we deem equivalent
  • Certification on relevant technologies is preferable but not a must
  • Experience working in multinational organizations is preferable but not a must

Professional skills:

  • Highly skilled in Application Operations, MS IIS
  • Knowledge of Azure Cloud technologies and platforms
  • Knowledge of AWS cloud technologies is a benefit
  • Solution architecture, design and development
  • Server and network Infrastructure
  • Windows Server technology
  • Knowledge of Linux OS is a benefit
  • Powershell and automation
  • Good documentation skills
  • Active Directory
  • Excellent communications skills, written and oral in English

Personal characteristics:

  • Highly self-motivated
  • Keen attention to details
  • Proven analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Strong customer service orientation
  • Experience working in team-oriented, collaborative environments.
  • Ability to work in demanding situations, handling multiple tasks at the same time
  • Ability to work with remote colleagues
  • Knowledge-seeking and eager to learn new things

We offer:

  • An opportunity to work in a large, high-performing international company, in a dynamic environment that is constantly changing.
  • A corporate culture that is professional and dynamic, yet informal. Bureaucracy is kept to a minimum, as we expect our skilled employees to make long lasting and impactful decisions to shape our future.
  • International environment with highly competent, dedicated, and friendly co-workers with strong collaboration across the Nordics.

Are you interested?

If you have the right profile, will and enthusiasm, please send your application and CV via the link. You are welcome to contact Alberto Manteiga (, if you have any questions about the position.

The job is to be filled as soon as possible, so we therefore encourage you to send your application as soon as possible, no later than June 16th, 2024.

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Development Specialist in Financial Crime Prevention

Would you like to take part in our financial crime prevention mission and join a team with passion and drive to treat customers simple, personal, and fair?

We are looking for Development Specialist in the 1LoD Financial Crime Prevention team Data & Development, who is eager to support Santander Nordics in our social responsibility and fight against financial crime. The team has currently performed a restructuring and is now seeking talents to join an engaged and passionate team.

Your tasks:

As a Development Specialist, you are given the opportunity to play a valuable role in creating an effective and customer centric FCP program with following main responsibilities:

· Be responsible for specific models and systems in the FCP framework

· Continuous evaluation, testing, and improvement plans for systems and models to secure its effectiveness

· Enhancement and maintenance of data & development framework, including change management

· Collaboration and internal initiatives with internal and external stakeholders on systems and models

· Investigation and handling of technical incidents affecting FCP systems

· Provide input to enterprise-wide business risk assessment and perform vulnerability assessments of FCP models and systems

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Kundekonsulent - Studentstilling 23%

Har du lyst til å jobbe innen salg i Santander Consumer Bank?
Vi ser etter en person til å jobbe 23 % studentstilling som kundekonsulent hos oss

  • Besvare innkommende henvendelser via telefon og chat.
  • Behandle skriftlig korrespondanse av e-post.
  • Salg av bankens produkter.
  • Jobbe aktivt for å oppnå individuelle mål, samt bidra til at avdelingen oppnår felles måltall.
  • Bidra til vinnerkultur i teamet.
  • Overholde bransjens lover, samt bankens interne rutiner og etiske.

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Kundekonsulent - Vikariat

Har du lyst til å jobbe innen salg i Santander Consumer Bank?
Vi ser etter en person til å jobbe i vikariat t.o.m 01.06.2025 som kundekonsulent hos oss

  • Besvare innkommende henvendelser via telefon og chat.
  • Behandle skriftlig korrespondanse av e-post.
  • Salg av bankens produkter.
  • Jobbe aktivt for å oppnå individuelle mål, samt bidra til at avdelingen oppnår felles måltall.
  • Bidra til vinnerkultur i teamet.
  • Overholde bransjens lover, samt bankens interne rutiner og etiske.

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QA Automation Engineer

The QA Automation Engineer fulfills a vital role in Santander’s Nordic Auto product portfolio: build, maintain and evolve the automated test framework, reduce time-to-production and increase quality of our deliveries.

As a member of the Auto BAU (Business As Usual) team, you work with the market-leading auto dealer platforms and systems for Denmark and Sweden. Multiple teams work in an agile environment, delivering code to production multiple times per week. Ensuring a stable, performant and correct automated test suite will greatly boost the confidence with which we deliver a quality product.

Close collaboration with developers, product owners and commercial stakeholders is a key part of the job, as a thorough understanding of products, flows and challenges are all required to best utilize your sharp QA mindset. You will need to display strong skills in building and maintaining an automated test suite from scratch. We use Playwright, Cypress and Selenium elsewhere in the organization and you will have direct access to learn from past experiences in Santander.

The team already employs 2 manual QA’s, with whom you will be collaborating both to support the manual testing required and to learn the critical flows of our systems, that will benefit from automation. You will take part in the manual testing too when pressed timelines demand it, but always with an eye on the possibilities for future automation.


Developing and maintaining automated test suites:

  • Owning the technical implementation of the automated tests (end-to-end, integration, regression), the QA Engineer stays updated on product releases to always support proper test coverage and automation where applicable.
  • Integrating automated tests to the existing CI/CD environment (Azure DevOps), ensuring tests are performed effectively, efficiently and in a reliable manner.

Manual testing of new product flows and components:

  • The QA Engineer plays an important role in covering manual testing on new or significantly changed components or workflows, until such parts can be covered by adequate automation.

Drive Quality as a mindset:

  • Be the voice of Quality from Refinement to release, guiding and assisting developers in thinking testable flows and components.
  • Be an integrated part of the development teams, to stay closely connected and gain the mutual benefits of coupling development with testing.

Competencies & skills:

  • Proficient in automated testing frameworks – Playwright, Cypress, Selenium and the likes
  • Strong coding skills for writing and maintaining automated tests – develop and maintain the regression test suite
  • Strong in CI/CD configuration for test automation integration to pipelines
  • Business acumen to understand the application flows and our product offerings
  • Design of test cases and acceptance criteria at all levels of work items (Epic, Feature, User Story, Regression, etc.)
  • Well-rounded technical understanding to help investigate and understand root causes of production issues (investigate using SQL, Postman and monitoring tools, among other things)

Personal characteristics:

  • Result-driven – your work is very tangible and both qualitatively and quantitatively measurable
  • Solution oriented – think value and correctness before perfection
  • Structured and driven to handle multiple responsibilities and projects at the same time
  • Team player with good interpersonal skills – engaging in strong working relationships is key to your contribution and success
  • Analytical mindset to help bring out the non-obvious challenges and solutions

Education & experience:

  • Minimun 3 years hands-on with building and maintaining automated regression test suites
  • Minimum 5 years working in QA
  • Experience working with Azure DevOps CI/CD
  • Computer Science, Bachelor’s Degree or above in relevant field
  • ISTQB or similar certification nice-to-have, but not required
  • In general, experience outweighs education, but we do wish for you to document a solid and relevant background

We offer:

  • Working in an international company that delivers great results, has high ambitions and is developing into the future
  • A working culture that is informal, but at the same time professional and dynamic, with the opportunity to make an impact
  • Highly competent, dedicated, and friendly co-workers with strong collaboration across the Nordics

Are you interested?

If you have the right profile, will and enthusiasm, please send your application and CV via the link. The job is to be filled as soon as possible, so we therefore encourage you to send your application as soon as possible and no later than June 14th. You are welcome to contact Jesper Vehn (, if you have any questions about the position.

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Risk Analyst - Residual Value Risk - Portfolio Management & Control

Santander Nordics has outlined leasing and residual value risk as a strategic area that will be strengthened going forward. As the team responsible for managing and controlling residual value risk, we are looking for a Risk Analyst to enhance our capabilities in the Portfolio Management & Control (PM&C) area with a primary focus on Residual Value Risk on a Nordic level.

As Residual Value Risk Analyst you will be responsible for managing and controlling the residual value risk of the portfolios in the four different markets, providing insights and information to relevant stakeholders and governing bodies, both in the Nordics as well as towards our Headquarters in Madrid. You will perform data analysis based on both quantitative and qualitative data and prepare material that is used to inform top management for enabling decision making. You will work with the extraction, consolidation and reporting of data mainly related to collateral and residual value risk.

In this role, you will get familiar with our data, from the most granular level to high-level aggregations in management reports. You will be identifying, investigating, and further elaborating on the drivers behind the data in cooperation with other analysts in the team. You will also pack the insights in high-quality reports to be presented to our internal customers to recommend actions ensuring we maintain the risk levels in line with Santander’s risk appetite.

You will also have a leading role from a data point of view to support the development of a new data warehouse, the visualization and automation of relevant reports and the development of certain tools related to RV risk. You will also contribute to develop, implement, and optimize relevant frameworks, policy and procedures across our four markets, ensuring the governance is in place and followed. You will also take part to the annual review of policies and procedures that relate to Auto Retail Risk.

You will progressively become the point of contact for other functions and stakeholders when it comes to matters related to the portfolio under your control and its segments, in relation to its characteristics, performance and development. You will also in general be involved in strategic projects carried on within and outside the team.

As result, you will have the opportunity to growth in areas that are strategic for the bank, gain relevant exposure and strengthen your ability to handle broad tasks under defined schedules.

Areas of responsibility

  • Summarize and communicate external trends, portfolio performance and changes in risk quality raising concerns and recommendations to the appropriate level of management
  • Assess impact of both internal and external environments upon portfolios and strategies
  • Perform data analysis to deliver on recurring and ad-hoc tasks
  • Participating in cross-functional initiatives and projects
  • Establishing routines for reconciliations and setting up controls for detecting data quality issues
  • Budget and measure performance against limits and expectations
  • Design, implement and scale up processes to control and manage the portfolio assigned to you
  • Drive knowledge sharing and mutual support within the team
  • Close cooperation with counterparts within and outside Risk department both in the Nordics and also towards our HQ in Madrid

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IT Controller

Santander Consumer Bank er en del av Europas største finanskonsern og er i rivende utvikling i det nordiske markedet. Vi tilbyr en stilling i et spennende og utfordrende miljø med gode og dyktige kollegaer. Dette er en jobb som gir deg god mulighet til faglig og personlig utvikling i en dynamisk bedrift.

Hva går jobben ut på?

Til stillingen som IT Controller søker vi en nøyaktig og strukturert person med analytiske evner til å støtte IT ledelsen med kontroll av inngående fakturaer, oppfølging av kostnader mot budsjetter og analyser på kostnader og avvik. Du vil jobbe med kvalitetsforbedring i vår bokføringsprosess, jobbe med kostnadsfordelingsmodeller og utarbeide grunnlag for budsjetter og planprosesser i bankens IT-funksjon. Stillingen er sentral i kontroll og styring av IT-funksjonen i banken.

Dine ansvarsområder og arbeidsoppgaver vil være:

  • Kontroll av inngående fakturaer
  • Oppfølging av kostnader mot budsjetter
  • Kontroll av avvik og oppfølging med ledere
  • Kostnadsanalyser og forecast
  • Utarbeide budsjettmodeller og budsjettunderlag
  • Dialog med leverandører ved avvik eller endring av faktureringsrutiner

Du vil samhandle tett med:

  • Ledergruppen i IT og teamledere i funksjonen
  • Våre interne finans- og kontrollfunksjoner
  • Fagspesialister for systemer og løsninger

Hvem er du?

  • Du har en bachelorgrad eller høyere innen økonomi / business administration, eller erfaring fra regnskap og økonomi. Du kan også være nyutdannet.
  • Du er nøyaktig, analytisk og har god regnskapsforståelse
  • Du setter deg raskt inn i oppgaver og lærer fort
  • Du er godt kjent med Excel og Powerpoint som arbeidsverktøy
  • Du er god til å kommunisere skriftlig og muntlig på norsk og engelsk
  • Du er proaktiv og får energi av å drive prosesser fra start til slutt

Hva tilbyr vi?

Vi kan tilby deg en spennende jobb i et stort og solid selskap med godt arbeidsmiljø og store utviklingsmuligheter for den rette kandidaten. Vi har god pensjonsordning og forsikringer.

Er du interessert?

Har du den rette profil, vilje og entusiasme, send din søknad og cv via linken.

Du er velkommen til at kontakte Jan Erik Secker på tlf. +47 99505615, hvis du har spørsmål til stillingen.

Jobben ønskes besatt hurtigst mulig, så vi oppfordrer til at du sender din søknad snarest mulig.

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IT System Specialist, Corebanking Loans & Leasing

Core Banking Loans & Leasing are strengthen our capacity, we are now searching for a System Specialist for our Development team. As a team we support the Bank within business development, application maintenance as well as operations of our Nordic View21 platform.

Our purpose is to provide an efficient and stable Nordic Core Banking platform and support business projects and innovation. As an IT System Specialist, you will contribute both in development and maintenance activities. You will be a part of a dedicated team of highly skilled specialists, all determined to deliver first class software life cycle management. The Financial products supported by our team is Auto, Consumer Loan, Deposit and Insurance. As part of the team, you will also contribute to the Bank's continuous improvement and efficiency way of work.

Your main tasks:

  • Deliver first class experience to our key stakeholders
  • Supporting end-users in utilizing the core applications
  • Active participation in projects and smaller initiatives
  • Software development life cycle management (development and maintenance)
  • Contributing on reaching team objectives according to the Banks strategies
  • Contributing on continuous improvements on processes and ways of working
  • Deliver and maintain functionality to meet regulatory requirement

Competencies and experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in technical or economy field (can be substituted by relevant experience)
  • Well familiar with use of SQL, Azure Devops, Confluence, MS Office, API/IL knowledge
  • Basic infrastructure knowledge, servers, databases, software version handling and installments
  • High experience and detail knowledge on financial products, processes, and system configurations
  • 5-10 years’ experience in utilizing and understanding of complex core banking systems, preferable View21
  • Good understanding of regulatory requirements, e.g. AML and GDPR
  • Experienced within problem- and change management
  • Familiar with SAFe and Scrum principles and methodologies
  • Excellent communication skills, written and oral, both in one of our Nordic languages and English.
  • Familiar with ITIL framework is preferable
  • Experienced in working with Kanban and/or Sprint practices

Personal skills:

  • Think customer and value driven
  • Curious and eager to learn
  • Energetic with high drive, ability to take on independently tasks as well as contribute to team-based work
  • Highly structured way of working, dealing with details in a high pace environment
  • Ability to manage frequent changes of prioritized changes, incidents and tasks
  • Analytical with problem solving skills

We offer:

  • Working in an international company that delivers great results, has high ambitions and is developing into the future
  • A working culture that is informal, but at the same time professional and dynamic, with the opportunity to make an impact
  • Highly competent, dedicated, and friendly co-workers with strong collaboration across the Nordics

Are you interested?

If you have the right profile and enthusiasm, please send your application and CV via the link. The job is to be filled as soon as possible, so we therefore encourage you to send your application as soon as possible but no later then June 2nd. You are welcome to contact Roar Hjelmaas Jensen on tel. +47 92266836, if you have any questions about the position.

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Vores kerneværdier

Think customer

Jeg holder af vores kunder, så jeg går den ekstra mil for at vinde deres tillid og loyalitet. Kunderne efterspørger mere end nogensinde en bank, der er enkel, personlig og fair. Think Customer betyder, at vi går den ekstra mil for at opnå loyalitet og tillid hos de mennesker, vi interagerer med. Hver og en af os skal sætte os i den gennemsnitlige kundes sted og altid tænke på, hvordan vores handlinger påvirker kunderne. Vi skal forudse og opfylde alle spørgsmål, problemer og behov, som vores kunder måtte have. Det betyder at gå ud over det for at levere en service i verdensklasse.

Embrace change

Jeg omfavner nye udfordringer, og jeg ser nye måder at gøre tingene på som en mulighed for at vokse. Verden bevæger sig hurtigt. Ny teknologi, et konstant foranderligt konkurrencelandskab og sociale tendenser har øget samfundets forventninger til virksomheder. Santander har en ambition om at opnå Net Zero inden år 2050, forpligtelser vi skal opfylde. Forandring kræver en indsats og bliver naturligvis mødt med modstand. Forandring kan betyde, at vi laver fejl. Det skal vi ikke være bange for. Fejl er prisen for fremskridt: Vi bør lære af dem, da den største fejl af alle er at ignorere de ændringer, vi skal foretage.

Act now

Jeg handler med ansvar og gør tingene enkle, når det er muligt. Kompleksitet dræber vækst. Dynamiske virksomheder bevæger sig som et fleksibelt kollektiv, fri for bureaukrati og komplicerede processer. Sådan skal vi være. Vi skal tage ansvar for vores egne opgaver og udføre dem hurtigt og ansvarligt, samtidig med at vi opfordrer kollegerne til at gøre det samme. Uanset om det er vores ansvar eller et andet teams ansvar, er vi nødt til at fjerne forhindringer, der bremser os.

Move together

Jeg søger muligheder for at fremme samarbejde og arbejder sammen med andre for at nå fælles mål. Det er kun ved at arbejde som et team, at vi kan løse de sværeste udfordringer. Derfor har vi skabt One Santander. De bedste teams får mest muligt ud af alles færdigheder for at få arbejdet gjort. Mangfoldighed kan være en af ​​vores største styrker, men kun hvis vi samarbejder og lytter til hinanden og bevæger os som én.

Speak up

Jeg er velkommen til at rejse enhver idé eller stille ethvert spørgsmål og opbygge et miljø med respekt og tillid. Jeg er tryg ved at dele og modtage feedback. Alle skal sige fra. Hvor problemer og ideer ikke deles, deles løsninger heller ikke. Alle i virksomheden har et unikt perspektiv, og fordi det er unikt, er det nyttigt. Vi har alle, fra de ældste til de yngste, brug for selvtilliden til at udfordre os selv til at gøre det bedre: Vi skal alle være parate til at give og modtage ærlig feedback, og vi skal alle føle os sikre på, at vores spørgsmål bliver besvaret.

Mulighederne for udvikling er mange

Santander er en virksomhed, hvor der er mulighed for karriereudvikling både i Norden og internationalt bl.a. gennem et globalt talentprogram. Hør Mark fortælle om hans oplevelse med at arbejde på vores globale hovedkontor i Madrid, som en del af hans deltagelse i det globale talentprogram Mundo, i videoen her.

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En nordisk bank med spanske rødder

Vi tilhører den globale koncern Banco Santander, der har 144 millioner kunder og over 200.000 ansatte i 45 lande. Vi er en nordisk bank med mere end 1.400 engagerede kollegaer i Danmark, Norge, Sverige og Finland, som arbejder for at skabe en enkel, personlig og pålidelig bank.

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Om os

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